Great Design “Bang for the Buck”

When budgets are tight the key to a successful design is to wow with a few key elements while using more economical items as the backbone of the project.

This client in Wayne, PA wanted to update a 1980’s kitchen without expanding the space or moving windows and plumbing.  You enter the room opposite the range, so I wanted to put the wow on the range wall.  The existing stove is shoved into the corner which functions poorly and looks horrible.

The new design replaces a peninsula with an island and moves the range over about three feet and then builds drama with a symmetrical presentation of three detailed custom cabinets .  The balance of the kitchen is executed with much simpler cabinets.

To add a little function and fun to the sink wall I proposed a larger widow that drops to the counter and is boxed out about 8” to give a wide sill for setting potted herbs.  To minimize costs the height and width remains the same so that we do not need to change the structural header.

Note the missing false drawer typically seen at the sink, this saves money and breaks up what could have been clumsy looking  side by side pairs of doors that are the same height but different widths.  (my favorite combination less expensive and better looking)

Bonus Design Tip – Spend your “wow dollars” at eye level, I love doing furniture feet, pilasters and offsets on base cabinets as much as the next designer, but the best bang for the buck is above the counter.

For those of you that are curious here is the floor plan:

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2 Responses to Great Design “Bang for the Buck”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’m eager to see the after pictures of this one – I love a good kitchen remodel!

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