Contemporary Bath Remodel In A Traditional Home, Wayne, PA

Bath Remodel, Main LineStraight lines and a contemporary color palette set this bath apart.

Bath Renovation WayneNeedless to say, Ginny was thrilled to lose the blue tile.


Bath Renovation, Wayne

This sink combines the look of a raised vessel and cost savings of a drop-in sink that does not require a more expensive faucet.

Hall Bath Remodel

The vertical grain and 3” thick granite apron on the top are both inexpensive details that add punch to the look.

Custom cabinet work Wayne

The “U” shaped drawer maximizes storage space inside while maintaining the clean lines of the vanity.

Bath Remodel WayneWe capped the tile around the tub and vanity with the same cherry as the vanity.  This helps create unity by carrying the cherry throughout the bath and is a much cleaner look than bull-nose tile.  And, as an added bonus it is much less expensive.

Custom Cabinetry, WayneWe framed a plain beveled mirror with cherry to match it to the vanity.  The square lights tie into the plumbing fixtures.

Bath Renovation WayneWe chose to tile the entire wall behind the shower and toilet to make the room feel larger.

Custom Shower Wayne

Moen 90 Degree faucets throughout the bath.  The low triangular shelf is there as a convenience to the ladies for shaving.

To see the earlier post on the selections and initial plans for this project checkout:
Contemporary Design in a Traditional Area

Bruce Gingrich is a residential designer and custom builder based in New Holland, PA.  His company, Glenn Gingrich, Inc. is a design, build, remodel firm that executes projects from conception to completion.  His functional insight, meticulous planning, building expertise, and customer collaboration can give you the living space of your dreams.

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