Great Design Bang For The Buck – Completed!

Glass Tile Backsplash

The second blog post I did back in November 2010 <Great Design “Bang for the Buck”>, described a custom kitchen design that kept an eye on the budget.  The client called me back almost a year after I did the design and proposal and said they were ready to go.  The project replaced an early 1980’s kitchen.

Kitchen Remodeling WayneKitchen Remodeling Wayne

The first thing you see entering the kitchen is the range wall, so that is where we spent the most money on design elements.  If you are trying to get the most impact for the dollar spend your money at eye level.

Kitchen Remodel Wayne

The drama is in the three cabinets surrounding the range.  The wall of cabinets to the left utilize the same door panel style but in a single panel door.  The panels on the island are a simple applied molding instead of a true raised panel.  This saves considerable money but looks much nicer than a plain plywood back.

Kitchen Remodel Wayne

To create symmetry around the range I added the little display shelf unit.  The patio door dictated the size of the cabinets, which were an awkward size, too large to have a single door look nice, but too small for two doors.  The solution; multiple panels in a single door.  Those two cabinets are deeper than standard size to allow for more storage and to help with the proportions.

Kitchen remodeler Wayne

We lowered the sink window and then boxed it out 8” to create a deep sill.  It always amazes me how much better it looks to bring the window down to counter height.  The sink is huge.  It is hard to tell in this picture, but the small sink is the size of a normal double bowl, the overall sink is 6” wider than a normal sink.  Great for cleaning big pots.  The painted board that sits on the granite is cellular PVC which will never rot.

Kitchen Island Wayne

The big pull on the drawer doubles as a bar for a dish towel.  Note the outlets on both sides of the island, one for the cook the other for the children’s laptops when they are doing homework.

The glass tile back-splash adds a dramatic punch and a contemporary touch to the otherwise traditional kitchen.

Bruce Gingrich is a residential designer and custom builder based in New Holland, PA.  His company, Glenn Gingrich, Inc. is a design, build, remodel firm that executes projects from conception to completion.  His functional insight, meticulous planning, building expertise, and customer collaboration can give you the living space of your dreams.

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2 Responses to Great Design Bang For The Buck – Completed!

  1. your mother says:

    I love your designs, could you design a house for me?
    Your mother

  2. This client sent me a Testimonial:
    Remodeling our kitchen was our first experience with any type of major construction and remodeling, and we are very pleased with the result and the process. Bruce Gingrich and his team are very knowledgeable, patient, and hard working. We remodeled our kitchen and pantry/laundry area. Bruce worked with us to come up with a beautiful design which is practical and within our budget. He walked us through each step and helped us to make informed decisions along the way, keeping our budget and lifestyle in mind. If we had any hiccups along the way, and every project has a few, I was confident that Bruce would be able to resolve them in a very professional manner. I won’t hesitate to call Bruce in the future for any renovation or construction project. Charu

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